Don’t jump to conclusions quickly


Isn’t it our usual habit to jump to conclusions as soon as something happens? We make certain decisions based on those conclusions without actually thinking from every perspective.


As per Newton’s third law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” And usually, we jump to decisions that have opposite/ negative reactions. Do you know the reason behind it?


In my opinion, the reason is that we don’t want to accept the change, caused by that particular situation. We just want to reach in the comfort zone as fast as we can. Following the lead, whichever is the shortest way, we follow that and dive back into our comfort zone. If it brings the best results or not, it is not something to be calculated at first. Our mindset is only to keep oneself in the relaxed state.


Later, you will find at a point that you should have thought about it!


It is good to take time and think about the situation. Take your own time to digest the information and then make any decisions. We all know that it is tough to change and it is challenging to accept the changes. But, we also know that change is the rule of nature. We need to accept that we are humans, who are born to adapt every environment. Certainly, adaptation takes time, and so do you.


We need to accept and learn that we never started running all of a sudden, as a child. In childhood, it took us few days, to take the first step, then few months to walk with and without the support and then we learned to walk and run. It is a step-by-step process. You can’t have a complete piece of pie at a time, and even if you took, it will choke your throat. Longer the time you take, better the conclusions you will make, and more sustainable will be your decisions.


So, think about the conclusions, before taking the decision, because it is absolutely okay to think and rethink before making any decision.


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