Happiness and life without social media


At this time, you can’t imagine your life without social media. Scrolling your facebook Newsfeed and Instagram and Whatsapp stories is like a pre-sleeping ritual. But, that was our life a few years ago when there were no phones with the Internet and no social media to connect with people when messages were the only way to communicate and that too in limited quantity. There was a time when Orkut, Rediff were in trend but were never considered better than facebook. And, now we have facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Hangouts, Hike and numerous other ways to stay connected and may be to show off our social presence. But, are you socially connected with this social presence? I don’t think so that we are really getting social with this social media because our every act is to please others not to please oneself.

  1. Let’s start from your status at these social media: Most people don’t use it to share their fruitful thoughts, rather the status updates are mostly to share your frustration and mood about which no one actually cares on social media.
  2. Snaps to upload: It is a ritual to say after any event, “Whatsapp me all the photos ASAP.” You don’t enjoy the moment when you are together, you busy yourself with the selfies. You upload them on social media and comment about the memories on that pic. I think, if you enjoyed the moment with your eyes rather than camera’s eyes, you could have lived a better life. I am not against snaps, but they should be there to remember those moments which we spent together. However, nowadays we live the moments to upload snaps. We are pleased to see the number of likes only.
  3. The complex of unhappy life: It is one of the most complex feeling that we get while watching others snaps and updates about wandering here and there. We feel like we are not living a happy life and even we ignore the good events happening in our life.
  4. Same connections everywhere: As you know that you can connect your facebook account with other social media accounts. You get the suggestion to connect with the friends from there and this way you connect with same people on every social media. You communicate only on one media then what is the need of connecting with same people everywhere.
  5. Your real friends don’t need social presence: That’s true that social media provided a platform for us to communicate with our friends, family, and people living in remote areas. But, in case you quit your social media account and your friend need you, then they can always contact you personally. So, your true friends don’t need your social presence to be socially present in your life.

At last, I would like to mention that social media can help you in making connections but it can never give you the joy of living with true friends. For happiness, living life and making memories, it is not necessary to have a daily memory update on Facebook, it will be best memorized in albums and get-togethers that take place after years. Memories are best when we remember them not when social media reminds us of them.

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