Keep calm and don’t fall for every job

Being a final year Engineering student, it is a common advice that I get, to grab the job as soon as possible. “Prepare yourself for campus” is the common statement by every other relative, professor, and even by those who never know you but occasionally met you. Everyone asks only a single question, “Are you placed?” It seems like a universal plan to make you realize about the job requirements, about your duties towards your parents, and about your social responsibilities.

You have no idea from where you got the nerves to handle your responsibilities about which you never thought a few days ago. Like your other classmates, you start campus preparations and attend all the possible on-campus, off-campus and pool drives because you don’t want to leave a single opportunity. You spend your days and nights in books and try every android app that can help you to increase general knowledge, and improves your aptitude and communication skills.

When you face more rejections than the selections, you get frustrated and you look for the lower opportunities. There comes a time when you are ready to join in BPO sector opportunities which are usually offered in job fairs. You are ready to get any job irrespective of the salary you will be getting, just because you are tired of answering about the job. You think that you are good for nothing and maybe feel disastrous at times, which is a usual affair.

But do you think it is fair with the skills you have acquired in these many years? In my opinion, it is not a justified choice. If you are lacking a few skills as per the need of the industry, give yourself few months learn them and then apply for jobs. Hard work is always paid off. Keep calm, learn from your failures and apply with the hope that best will come to you. Satisfaction and happiness with the job are more important than getting a job. If you are not satisfied with that you will be always looking for a change or don’t find taste working in that. You work just for money and you will not explore it rather become its slave.

So, don’t fall for every job even if you are over qualified for it. Explore yourself, your notions, interests and furnish your skills in that sector. Satisfy your hunger for information and grab the job opportunities that suits you.

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