With you…by my side

//Both were sleeping in their blankets, away from each other physically, but connected by their souls//
It’s 5’o clock, I am awake,
I am awake, with u by my side,
I tried to come out of bed, but your fingers were entangled with mine,
I tried to take it off, and then,
I looked at you, and those eyes still fantasized me, even when they were closed,
Your soft skin of fingers, touching mine,
Your hairs with which I always play, I think they are the best thing you have,
I was somewhere wondering in those curls.
I don’t know when you woke up,
We exchanged a glance, it stayed for than some time,
My eyes asked you when you woke up?
And yours answered, “while you were analyzing”
I answered shyly, I wasn’t analyzing anything .
And your eyes said you were analyzing, my body, my soul, my smile, my hairs,
And I just smiled, I tried to act like sleeping again,
You once again held my finger quite strongly, to bring me off from my acting,
And I don’t know for how long, we kept looking into each other’s eyes.

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