Real vision, when I forgot my specs

Hello, everyone!

This is one of my posts, which came out of me in real time. When I actually got the thought and instantaneously got the time to pen down the same.

I went on an evening walk, which is my usual business, and I forgot to wear my spectacles(that happened before also). I realized that, when I was quite far away from my place, a part of me said to get back to home and a part of me, was busy with music. “Firestone” by Kygo was soothing my ears, and I was smiling in a childish manner for no good reason, I was humming and dancing in my own world, there was no reason behind it, there was no person making me smile, and I’m happy that since I don’t have specs, I can’t see what others reacting to my weird behavior. And, I realized I was living again, as I used to be, before I grown as a responsible adult.

While living in this society, it happens that we express our feelings, as the world want, not in the way we want. But, for a while, when you just escape from this world, when you can’t notice anyone watching you, you will meet you. Real you, away from the worries of your life, when you enjoy every color of life, each beat of music, love, darkness, light….. you feel so enlightened. Many people explain it as love, but no, it’s not love. A wide difference between love and living life is that when you are in love, you think from the perspectives of some other person, whereas when you are living your life, you are the only one to think, analyze and take decisions.

This is something, I call real vision when you love yourself, live your life, enjoy it, without caring about the world. What you care about, is happiness, because when you are happy, satisfied, and content from inside, you never need anyone to praise you. You are enough for yourself, this brings confidence within you to handle everything on your own. 

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