HER- love with OS or just need to be loved


‘HER’, the movie as the name suggests is story of some girl.
Well, the story was exactly different from what one can pretend by name.  Its the story of a guy named Theodore, who was letter writer. In his post divorced state, completely puzzled by his personal life, in the strong need of love, who purchased an artificially intelligent OS.
When Theodore asked for name, OS named herself, Samantha. She took care of him, organized his work, his life, she talk to him, listen him, suggest solutions for his problems, and important of all she adore him, the way he is. With the passage of time, Samantha ‘s feelings turned to be more stronger for him. And, since she was an OS she had such feelings for other 6000+ people, these were not the programmed features, but they evolved gradually. OS can’t personalise people like humans do. Like every other story she left after sometime, as all such artificially intelligent OSes were crashed by company.

Well, when I was watching the story, I too adore the character. By this I stuck to situation, is it all about an OS, or is it about need of love in everyone’s life?
All of us have desire to have a person in life, who accept us in the same way we are, who grow with us, organize our work, life, and everything. Most importantly who adore us and for whom you are priority. One who listens you, talk to you, understand you, stand for you when world is not on your side.

Yes, as a human we have issue to personalise the people in our life which won’t happen with OS. But, the idea was more or less the same, and no matter that’s some person near to you, far from you or a voice or some shadow or dream if it gives you love, you will surely fall for it.

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