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In the current scenario, we are in the world where relationships are easy to get, we read a lot many of novels, watch multiple movies, see our buddies who are in relationship, and frame an imaginary world, with companion of our life, who will be more than perfect, with attribute of breath-taking looks, gentleman or gorgeous woman, who is understanding, trustworthy, with same frequency match, most loving creature and giving the reflection of the perfect partner.

Whereas in the reality, he or she in your life, may not be exactly the one of your imaginary world, here, you need to understand that you are looking for love, not for some comparison, who’s best and who is not. Whomsoever, are happy with is best for you. 
However, you need to know, no relationship is perfect, it’s just the people in the relation who make it perfect and happy.
Trust makes the foundation of every relationship. So, you need to trust each other in every phase of life, you will be facing. Maybe you feel you are not honored with enough time that you deserve, at times, but what you need is,  to put your 100% trust, wait for them to resolve their issues, give them enough time to come out of that, and reveal you everything. I am sure this gonna work out, take things slow. You need to keep making an effort to know each other, but without creating too much fuss in each others life.
We know that most of the problems that hit the relationships are only due to the lack of communication. If you will not share your part of feelings, your companion is no magician who will come to know the insights of your mind, you may have thought that they should understand things, without being said, but it’s not always the case. It’s much important to communicate with each other about your problems, your personal lives, rather than discussing them with else one. 
 You need to be understanding, as you are in a relationship so their problem is your problem, their merry times are yours also and vice-versa. It’s exactly like to clap, you need to move both of your hands, it never gonna work by only one-sided involvement.
Another thing we come across is the over possessive and want-to-know-everything type of attitude,which leads so many of breakups. To avoid this first of all you need to calm your mind, and understand that you are a part of their life, but not the entire life, there are other people in their life as well, so give them their personal space in life, where they have full freedom to think and do what they like. Sooner or later your companion gonna share everything with you, but you need to be a very good listener, you need to understand his/her bonds with peers. 
You need to maintain transparency in the relationship, talk about everything,  maybe there’s something you like or dislike to talk about. But, if you keep sharing everything may be there comes a situation where there will be no misunderstandings. Talk about family, peers, ranging from the past to present, arguments and discussion about music, novels, journals, academics, future plans, love, intimacy. Get to know everything about your partner, trust them, understand them, make them feel like family and most important of everything, love them.
Being loved is always more joyful than loving someone. Keep loving and enjoy your relationship.

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