Aprajeeta Singh

I am a Freelance Content Writer by profession, a Blogger by passion, an Artist by interest, and an Entrepreneur by choice.

I hardly remember the month or a year that introduced me to the art of writing. The notion of learning about a variety of topics and exploring numerous business niches excites me to take more.

I completed my undergrad degree in Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication in 2017. In the meantime, I have completed several virtual internships in Content Writing for over a year and took up my first job in the same field.

It was fun working in a cubicle, but I was looking for more than confined 9 to 5 life. After having the taste of corporate culture for two years, I started exploring freelance and entrepreneurship. I would appreciate it if you navigate to the "My Expertise" section to know more about freelance projects I take up.

On my creative side, I adore writing Shayari, poetries, short stories, and much more. My first story, "Shayad Mein Darti Hun" got published in 2018 on Matrubharti. All the love, appreciation, and blessings that I received and still getting from there is another motivational force for me to keep going.

You can connect with me on

What Interests Me?


From staring at the plain wall to studying psychology, everything is interesting to me.
But, for a few of the activities, I am a bit biased.


I crave for content

I never get bored, because eBooks accompany me everywhere. That’s one of the key reasons I have fewer books on my shelf, but more in my pocket.


More nature, less humans

Landscape, natural scenery, flowers, and coincidental images attract me often. Product photography is surely a new addition to my interest.


Product innovation

For me, crafting is that fuel to creativity that desktop restricts. To view & buy my handcrafted products, find Craftcart on Amazon, or follow my online store.

What’s more?

I started writing because I relish the idea of penning down what I observe and feel. When it all started for the peace of mind, I never ever thought that I will be having an amazing collection of poetries, stories, rhymes, shayari, and much more.

To those of you who want to dive into this ocean of thoughts, my blog section is all for you!